Following the decree of the great leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran -Imam Khomeini – released on 23/3/59 about the formation of the headquarters of the Cultural Revolution, The headquarters set up ACECR as a revolutionary institution raised the Cultural Revolution in a meeting on November 16, 59 to realize the goals of the Cultural Revolution. After conversion of the headquarters to the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, the statute of this institution was revised on January 11, 1965, This statute was approved after the deletion of the duty of participation in the management of the universities and putting emphasis on conducting cultural and research activities to islamicize the universities. Once again, the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, in accordance with the new conditions of the universities, passed a resolution on 22/8/69, in which ACECR was introduced as a bridge between university and industrial_service sector of the country. According to the resolution, the two main tasks of carrying out scientific research and cultural activities are still the responsibility of this institution. On the basis of this resolution, the new statute of ACECR was approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution as described below: Article one: DefinitionJihad is a public and non-governmental institution under the authority of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, with an independent personality, and in terms of official, employment and financial issues, is subjected to the regulations approved by the Board of Trustees within the framework of legal authorities. Article two: Objectives_ Spreading researches and boosting the morality and talent at the community level to achieve self-reliance._ Development of cultural affairs at the community level, through collaboration with university and other cultural institutions, especially for the younger generation. _ Development of practical and semi-industrial projects through linkage with scientific and research centers in order to apply the research results.


Article three: The general duties of ACECR are:


1_ Propagation and promotion of Islamic culture and art besides cultural and educational planning and creating intellectual and idealism readiness in young people, especially high school students and university students in order to confront westernization and deviations within the framework of cultural policies of the country.


2_ Establishment of appropriate organizations for the compilation, translation and publication of books, journals, research results and scientific_cultural articles, as well as educational materials production.


3_ Execution of developing and practical Researches.


4_ To pursue research studies until the end of the semi_industrial and industrial step.


5_ Providing scientific and technical services in various fields of community needs.


6_ Supporting, encouraging and attracting young and talented students and researchers; planning and creating the conditions and facilities necessary for their scientific and research activities based on the recognition of the real problems and the special needs of the community. 7_ Implementation of official courses of scientific-practical education in accordance with the rules and regulations of higher education of the country.  8_ Establishment of the educational and research organizations ,described in this article, on the basis of the laws and regulations of higher education. 9_ Participation in the creation of suitable fields for employment of the graduated students of universities. Note: Technical scientific services include: performing qualitative tests, reviewing standards proposals, collecting and processing scientific data, disseminating scientific evidence, disseminating techniques and conducting scientific consultation , providing technical assistance and performing health services and medical diagnosis.  Article Four: Elements of ACECR;1. Board of trustees2. Scientific council3. Head of ACECR  Article five:The Board of Trustees as the highest ranking authority for ACECR policy-making, consists of the following figures:1. Head of ACECR (Head of the Board of Trustees)2.  Minister of Science, Research and Technology or his representative3. Minister of Health, treatment and Medical Education or his representative4. Head of the Management and Planning Organization or his representative5. Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution6. Head of 'Supreme Leader Representative Institution in the Universities' or one of the members of the Supreme Leader Representatives in the Universities Council, appointed by that council.7. Three scientific, cultural and social figures or faculty members at ACECR, proposed by the head of ACECR, and in accordance with Article 2 of the Law on the Establishment of the Trusteeship Councils of the Universities.8. Note: Sentences of the members of the Board of Trustees will be issued by the head of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution for a period of four years.Article Six:The duties of the Board of Trustees are:1. Policy making and Determining General Policy and Approving Development Plans for ACECR2. Approval of Organizations and Organizational Chart of ACECR3. Approval of financial, trading, administrative and employment regulations4. Approval of the budget, accounts and the annual balance sheet of ACECR, as well as the decision making on revenues and accepting aids and gifts.5. Approval of the statutes of research centers, companies and institutions affiliated to the ACECR within the framework of current laws and regulations.6. Approval of the general principles of scientific and economic cooperation with other institutions.7. Confirmation of heads of scientific, cultural and affiliated research centers proposed by the head of ACECR.8. Approval of the Internal Rules of the Board of Trustees and Internal Rules of the scientific Council.9. Monitoring and evaluation of the suitable execution of the decisions of the Board of Trustees and the activities of ACECR.10. Proposing a change in the statute of ACECR to the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution Article seven: ACECR acts under the Supervision of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, and its head ,as the highest executive body of this institution, is determined as follows:_ for the first time one person is elected among proposed people by the members of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and is appointed by the sentence of head of the Supreme Council._ The duration of the presidency is three years by each time._ The election of the head of the ACECR for the subsequent periods is based on the suggestion of the Board of Trustees and approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution. Article eight:Tasks and powers of the Head of ACECR:1. Administration of all ACECR Affairs within the framework of the statute and regulations.2. The proposal of heads of scientific and cultural research centers and affiliated organizations of ACECR to the Board of Trustees.3. The official representative of ACECR in the legal authorities with the right of substitution to the others.4. Approval of the codes and regulations according to the rules approved by the Scientific Council and the Board of Trustees5. Adjustment of budget and preparation of annual performance report and presentation to Scientific Council and Board of Trustees6. Implementation of the approvals of the Board of Trustees7. Preparation and adjustment of the codes and regulations to be approved by the Scientific Council and the Board of Trustees Article nine:In order to determine the policy and supervision of scientific, research and cultural activities, the scientific council of ACECR is formed. Members of the Scientific Council are:1. The head, educational deputy, research deputy and cultural deputy of ACECR2. Three senior members of the scientific and research faculty of ACECR proposed by scientific groups , in accordance with the rules and definitions adopted by the higher education of the country3. Two cultural scholars of ACECR, elected by the head.4. Two official figures from the research and cultural centers affiliated to the ACECR ,chosen by the head.Note: How to invite for the membership of the people under section "2", as well as how the scientific council meetings are organized, is in accordance with the code  recommended by the head to be  approved by the Board of Trustees. Article ten:The duties of the Scientific Council are as follows:1.      Determination of detailed policies and priorities of research, educational, cultural and publishing on the proposal of the authorities of the centers2.      Supervising how academic-practical courses are held3.      Supervising how to fund academic expenses, (Scholarships) and study opportunities.4.       Approval of the codes of printing and publishing books, journals and scientific and cultural articles5.      Approval of contract provisions, implementation and use of research_service projects results.6.      Commenting on the annual performance report of the ACECR prepared by the deputies and submitted to the Scientific Council through the Coordination Council7.      Reviewing and commenting on the rules for the recruitment and evaluation of faculty members and making a proposal to the Board of Trustees8.      Approval of criteria for the activities of the Cultural Centers of ACECR and monitoring the implementation of those activities. Article eleven:The Coordinating Council is set in order to coordinate the executive and managerial affairs and monitor the performance of the branches of ACECR under the authority of the head.The members of the Coordination Council are:_ ACECR deputies_ Officials of scientific, research and cultural centersNote: How to formulate and decide on the duties of the Coordinating Council, is subjected to the internal regulations approved by the same Council.  Article Twelve:The duties of the Coordination Council are as follow:1.      Providing the conditions needed to execute the approvals of the board of trustees and scientific council as well as the codes and circular notes issued by the head of ACECR. 2.      Investigating and analyzing the ACECR codes and implementing regulations and providing corrective suggestions, projects and plans to be included in the agenda of the board of trustees and scientific council. 3.      Suggesting administrative and organizational reforms to the board of trustees through the ACECR head.4.      Coordinating different scientific, research and cultural centers5.      Reviewing and commenting on the implementation of codes and circular and monitoring the performance of scientific, research and cultural centers.6.      Reviewing and commenting on the annual budget of ACECR. Article thirteen:Sources of credits for ACECR are:1.      Credits that are mentioned and approved annually in a separate row in the state budget.2.      Grants from the Mostazafan Foundation and the Hajj, Endowment and Charity Organization after their approval.3.      The funds received by ACECR for the provision of services, the implementation of projects for organizations and real or legal persons, the sale of products and affiliate institutions, and the commercialization of researches.4.      Other cash and non-cash aids5.      Use of bank facilities Article Fourteen:6.      This Statute came to an end with the approval of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution with one introduction , fourteen articles and four notes on August 14/8/19 and replaces the previous statute of ACECR (Resolution No. 3216 / دش dated 29/7/65 of the Supreme Council) and its amendments. The law on the joining ACECR to the list of Non_Govermantal organizations and institutions Single article:ACECR is added to the list of public and non-governmental organizations, the subject of the Law on List of Public Institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations, adopted in 1373. The above law, including a single article, was adopted in a public parliamentary meeting session held on Wednesday, December 20, 1996, and latter approved by the Council of Guardians on November 28, 1996. How to use credits from the state budget for educational and research affairs The ACECR head inquired the Supreme Council about consumption of the credits mentioned in the budget law, based on section 3 of article 6; and the Supreme Council approved that the ACECR is a research institute and can receive and spend the same amount of credits allocated from the state budget for educational and research affairs in accordance with the law on the conduct of financial affairs and transactions of universities and institutes of higher education and research.  Changing the organizational titles in the previous adopted codes and regulations based on the latest statute The Supporting and Parliament Affairs Deputy is allowed to replace all previous titles ( Including the 'head of ACECR, instead of 'the head of the Central Council' and the 'successor to the Central Council' in those duties transferred to the head and etc.)  in all codes an regulations adopted by central council and related commissions, considering the structural changes in the last statute of ACECR.In addition, if necessary, minor amendments to the original codes and regulations must be approved by the Administrative and Financial Commission of the Board of Trustees.. 

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